Photo Gérard Haddad Bruno Levi

Gérard Haddad

Portrait de G. Haddad, par Bruno Levi

Portrait de G. Hamada, par Bruno Levi (avec l’aimable autorisation de l’éditeur).

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  1. self nurtuting ? when I started nurturing myself (loving myself) I started asking myself- Is this situation good enough for my daughter? Would I accept this for my daughter? I started deciding that if I didnt think something wasnt good enough for my daughter (whom I loved very much), then it wasnt good enough for me either> If it was something I didnt want my daughter doing then I shouldnt be doing it. If it was the kinda guy I didnt want my daughter going with, then he wasnt good enough for me etc etc etc. That was how I started. I didnt know how to love myself but I did know how to love her.

  2. Rédigé par : olihoud | le 10 août 2009 à 17:50 | AlerterMerci pour ces précisions. Apparemment ça n’a pas géné les autres démocraties occidentales (ou bien ont-elles protesté ne serait-ce qu’un peu ? ) cf l’indifférence (le soulagement) face à l’écrasement de la République espagnole par le putsch puis la dictature franquiste en Espagne (quarante ans.). Quelle époque..

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  10. As a primary school TL I struggle with this all the time. What to do with the Preps and Year 1s? Yes they can do very basic stuff with a LOT of help, but often I only have 30 mins with them including borrowing time, and am on my own with them – I try to do a lot with me operating the computer and them viewing through the data projector…limited but the best I can think of… any ideas??

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  14. The real problem I think all of us face (well certainly me) is that we just don’t know…. I really struggled with the phenomena that occurs in my life which seems to come in fits and starts. Thought I was going nuts until I just accepted that its possibly real. There is always that nagging doubt though, but I think it is healthy to be a little sceptical. Can you remember the grey being in detail? I can remember everything about 2 types I have seen but the greys are always just dark shadows.

  15. Candid and powerful as usual, Carolyn. I haven’t had that experience, but I have been that person looking for someone else to blame for things that only I hold the power to change. Introspection and personal accountability are two things that can help almost anyone become a stronger, wiser person.

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  18. I’m intrigued by your suggestion that the Greens need to “hungrier”: is part of the reason they’re not being let into the campaign control structures because they don’t want independence unconditionally? (I also think it’s a bit unfair to charactarise what’s happened to the SSP as squabbling and infighting, more a salutary lesson about charismatic leadership and the dangers of one-man-bandism, but that’s obviously *totally* irrelevant to this. :cough: )

  19. I haven't reconnected with any old classmates in a long time. The last time I tried was may four years ago and sadly the girl (who was a best friend for many years) still hadn't changed out of her bad ways. I decided to just let it go and give up the friendship that was lost.GFC follower Tiffany DrewFacebook member Tiffany DrewTweeted:

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  24. I might do a video. The set isn’t quite up any more (I needed the space for a new shoot), but very easily put back together. It won’t be for a little while though as my BIG priority is the halftime burlesque show that I’m doing at the Tranny Awards in a couple of weeks.

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  27. Fascinating stuff. I've never seen a figure of "IQ 35" for a human population before – here it's for the bottom 5% in South Africa. Would those be mostly Bushmen & Hottentots, or would they not be taking the test?The Saudi top-5% IQ cut-off of 95 is depressingly low, but unfortunately generally fits my experience with most Saudi students doing postgraduate Masters study here in the UK. Some black African countries' smart-fraction students seem to have significantly higher IQs, IME – South Africa (and Lesotho), but also Nigeria.

  28. Hei, jeg er en kvinne på 60 år som har MS, siden denne sykdomen er så forskjellig kan jeg gå med staver ca.3 km.Men så tøff som deg er eller blir jeg vel aldri.Følger spent med dere på TV, lykke til videre )

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  30. I think the picture that Lemon had on her site of a cartoon picture of O.B. whingeing is priceless and would be appropriate here, those who dish out satire can't take it, can they?…..and why has that bloke got a pickelhaube for a head? kate b

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  32. F. Scott Fitzgerald – Style Icon ( 47.610789 -122.323751 Share this:ShareFacebookPinterestTwitterStumbleUponTumblrLinkedInEmailDiggPrintRedditLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. Filed Under: read Tagged With: Alabama Supreme Court, Camp Sheridan, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald, Ginevra King, Great Gatsby, Jazz Age, Lost Generation, New York Herald Tribune, not so secret obsessions, Scott, Scott Fitzgerald, style icon, This Side of Paradise, Zelda, Zelda Fitzgerald, Zelda Sayre « Malcolm Gladwell on spaghetti sauce

  33. Interesting .. I haven’t encountered this in any of my games, but then maybe that’s because I am a stickler for rules as written and would have jumped up & down if spotted.Also, thinking about it a bit more .. having played a lot of SAGA in the last six months the order of events is “EXTREMELY” important when determining dice and abilities etc .. so perhaps that is another reason why I don’t have this bad habit.

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  43. That used to happen to me every time I'd make a fresh batch of soap. (sure I remember the ingredients) only to forget them a few days after. Sticky notes and self discipline to the rescue. Now I label while I wait for lye and oils to cool…Keep up this great blog. I read every morsel!

  44. Thank you, Phyllis. I try to share a tidbit on facebook to give people the flavor of the blog. they aren’t always serious. Sometimes they’re just silly and fun. I will be writing articles a lot more often. I’m going to shoot for an article every two weeks like I did when writing for the Write Team. My goal is to gain followers who will return to read each new article. It worked for Erma Bombeck, and my voice has been compared favorably to hers.

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  54. Yeah–good news. But this is the tough part. Details, details, details. Find someone who is good at details and proof reading and let them do the grunt work for you. Don’t let the details distract you and slow you down.

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  76. Hej Jenny!Haha! Jag väntar ocksÃ¥ pÃ¥ att erövra världen… det tar sig Du fÃ¥r komma pÃ¥ keikka sen när du är redo för det. Grattis till din lilla son. Härligt <3Jepp, trumsettet heter Ludwig! Fint namn, det heter min lillebror ocksÃ¥ Sköt om dej! Kram

  77. Hi Vix! That story about the room gives me the heebie-jeebies! Eek! But if you are happy there, then that's all the matters. I am not really scared of stuff like that, but just the feeling that your dad had and, well, knowing what happened. Really sad, after all. Love your dress! Wish I could visit the sale you are having, but that would require quite the boat ride! Good luck!xoxoxoLynn

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  81. seriously though, Ireland and Petrov are good. Too many attackers are spoiling the broth, currently.Maybe 4-2-3-1 with Barry/de Jong in the trench and Petrov/Ireland/Bellamy across the midfield? Lone striker?Ah, what do I care? We must play there this weekend. F**k ‘em. I hope Mancini takes Gallagher literally and re-organizes the entire squad ahead of Saturday. Given at striker, Wayne Bridge in goal, etc.

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  84. Thanks, Benny! To be honest, I haven’t thought about enemies this way — being motivated by the enemy to do better, to win, to not give up. I guess, it’s a good thing to have an enemy then. Instead of giving in, we should keep up our momentum to stay ahead of the game. It makes so much sense! Love your post.

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  90. Too bad the list stops at 10, because Ward Connerly truly deserves a spot. Though I don’t completely agree with affirmative action, I was absolutely disgusted that he would encourage and seek out the support of groups like the KKK in order to bring about it’s end. He’s not about equality for all, he’s about exploting the prejudices against people of color for his own personal gain. Any American who embraces a known terrorist group should be arrested for treason. Yet Connerly is going cross-country with his delusional message. On my personal list, this guy is a NUMBER ONE.

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  92. Are we disgusted by the film? I don’t think disgusted is the right word. Amused, perhaps. Enjoying the critical lambasting. Mountain Meadows was disgusting. A poorly made film about Mountain Meadows is just pathetic (and does no service to the victims, IMO.)David, I used the word “shrill” first. Obviously we are working from the same troll-fighting script. How much is the church paying YOU to be mean to Helen? I’m getting thousands, I tell you. Thousands.

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  94. Zenster: I have to go out, but I will be commenting more late tonight. Please realize that I admire you, but these criticisms of your ideas or expressions are fair game. :)An unexamined life/essay is not worth living/reading – or something like that. :)We CANNOT all just nod our heads in approval. What good would that be to anyone?!

  95. I have just finished watching the John Bishop sport relief tv programme that was on the other day. What he done was absolutely amazing for charity and I wish there were more people like him in the world. But no, it comes back to sick little internet trolls like you and wood who try and drag everyone down. How about you get off your bum and do a bit for charity! It might even give you a sense of well being and happiness!John Bishop = Total Legend I salute you!

  96. Sorry to hear that, Sara. I that is always my fear with outsourcing. If things go well it’s great, but other times you can end up just losing time and money. The situation I would like is to have a VA working consistently for me, so that once you find the right person you can keep them. But I’ll need to make ALOT more before that will happen Carrie´s last blog post..

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  100. she would have to think about “working” and supporting Hillary Clinton. Having run for office locally three times and been a local Democratic County Chair I totally understand and empathize with what Mrs. Obama was saying. After losing you are tired and just plain burned out. This election stuff can be personally draining. Everyone is taking her statement out of context.

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  106. It is so true that the small things do make a difference….even if it’s only sponsoring one child, sharing with your children about the fate of children around the world, or just signing a petition. As a stay at home mom I feel lost at times like I can’t do much to make a difference, but it’s one step at a time. Shayne is such an inspiration! Can’t wait to read the book.

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  114. I was admiring your current photo project, Cathy — another burst of inspiration for me! Right now I’m feeling a bit daunted by the thought of keeping this up a full year so your encouragement couldn’t have come at a better time.

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  117. I am so tired today after staying up to read the book last night, when I should’ve been sleeping. I’m not done yet, though. It was so interesting to read the parts about infancy & emotions, while my baby screamed in the background. Fear, anger, frustration – yep, yep, yep. I’m hoping we can be a “good enough” household!I think I have a lot of repressed anger, just because it surfaces at WEIRD times and I end up screaming at people and shocking them. It only happens once every several years though, but always around the same topic. Hmmm!

  118. I have always wanted to know what those little Vienna Sausages are like, mostly because I see them in places like rural gas stations and drug stores and wonder who their market actually is. Finally the back-country truck stop makes sense: they’re catering to people who are most likely unconcerned with their own well-being.

  119. vincent – street photography under rain gave extra effects.. i like this picture![]mtan2 Reply:April 17th, 2012 at 8:59 pmthanks Vincent, yeah i like it too, and the way it happened. did not expect to be caught in the rain, very memorable[]

  120. Jamie, it’s wonderful to hear you sharing this on national tv…..getting it out there into the world.Like Victor Hugo was reputed to say “You can resist an invading army; you cannot resist an idea whose time has come.”Whilst this is not an idea – it’s a simple, yet profound truth – it’s time has most certainly come.

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  150. something that I’m so used to women being objectified in the gaming community that it didn’t irk me more than it did. I watched on G4 and I think that’s what offended me more than anything else. They kept cutting away to show booth babes. I wish G4 would lose the 14-year old, sex-starved and apparently brainless image. It would help people not look so hard down at gamers while actually encouraging all the gamers who aren’t ‘typical’ (most of us) to actually tune in and watch.

  151. Listen up ‘stinky cheese’… you’re about 5 entries behind. But I suppose you’re right. I should probably create a secret ‘behind the psycho’ section where I can put all the stuff I’m too much of a pussy to actually post in the open. Oh wait, you beat me to it!

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  154. Yea i was like that, but now everyone in my family knows now, and understands. Let them know little by little, and they will understand. Also the next video helped alot. Just let the panic occur and live through it. Eventually your mind and body will realize that nothing is really going to happened. LMK how it goes. Im going through the same thing too.

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  157. Kjm:Wrt "don't have a command and control economy". No, but we have a mixed economy in which government policy has a fair bit of influence. So we can (and are, to a point) do things like fuel economy standards, energy efficiency incentives, etc.Also, this basic argument was why I thought Cash-for-Clunkers was a great stimulus policy (albeit that it got just about zero support in the blogosphere).

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  159. Thank you all for the fun photos. Nice to meet you! Zenyatta has the Best of the best fans and has brought out the best in us all.Sorry I missed out on all the fun; but at least I was lucky enough to experience the first Z party in Kentucky. Memories are everything!!Sending love n kisses on Z’s soft nose, and to 12z as well.Auntie Sally

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  162. Good luck this weekend and next weekend! You are going to do great and it’s such an opportunity to be able to run and you should take advantage of that! Sometimes I and we need that reminder that there are people that are not able to run or do anything physical because of something terrible and we are just very fortunate to live healthy lives!

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  164. Exactly what we needed….another clueless person writing an article straight out of their rear end. The problem with the assault weapons ban of the 90s is that it is actually very difficult to define an “assault rifle” and that ban had ridiculously arbitrary language. You also have to realize that these “assault weapons” represent a tiny fraction of all homicides. First person shooters have also been a popular political target by clueless politicians. The evidence is just not there. Do some research PLEASE.

  165. I love the dedication! What a blessing that she is still here, adjusting to her “new normal”, and was able to witness the publication of your book!! I look forward to reading the book, as I do love historical fiction. Most importantly, I will enjoy reading it because the author and her mother are able to celebrate such a wonderful accomplishment. It is such a blessing that you have a great relationship with your mom and I hope that when my daughter is older, she will feel the same you do about yours Best!Lisa

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  169. I’m OK with the idea of a couple getting married at McDonald’s for sentimental reasons, but the idea of McDonald’s decision to offer a $1,700 wedding package is just depressing. It doesn’t make sense, because the end result is the same, but one seems kind of sweet and the other seems really, really sad.

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  172. ToyeDecember 19, 2012 at 12:33 amIf Giroud thrive on crosses as been insinuated in the article, then Giroud is right for Arsenal now considering that 4 goals out of the five scored at Reading on Monday all came from crosses. When Arsenal played the tik-takka football one of the major outcry was that we never win against well organised teams as we become easily predictable and cannot not mix it. Now we can play the tip-tap football and can still get crosses and scoring, what is the problem with that ?

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  175. Remember the old adage, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”? And you’re also aware that “first impressions can be deceiving”? I look forward to what you might say about it. Keep in mind though, that contrary to (1) above, ridiculous ideas can be ignored only when a tiny minority believes them and/or when they are harmless. Faith based reasoning is harmful to people and to our society, and many people use it.

  176. Really, is there any hope? I saw a video of a presentation made by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer in L.A. and it was disheartening to say the least. As more and more Muslims infiltrate/subvert US law enforcement, judicial and legislative entities I find myself wondering if critics of Islam mightnot be targeted by such entities in the future.

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  189. Nice review. I wrote my own, though it is much shorter than yours. I am a bit puzzled, though, how you can be horrified by a hypothesis. I can understand if you find Nietzsche's values horrific. He would probably agree with you that they are horrific, and would be happier for it. If you find yourself horrified by reality itself, I wouldn't recommend reading any more books or learning any more in general 😉

  190. Let me try….one more time…see if you can get this…The more a player like Zo plays (hits) instead of sitting on the bench as a “super-sub” (actually new term for Zo…now its “super”) the more runs are scored, the more games are won….to play Kapler,Gross or anyone else, as it turns out, is STUPID… try to understand or I’ll change your name to Maddon Jr,……………………………

  191. The interview with mara on trunews was soooooo good. Thankyou for that. Now—- the question is, how can we get this info out to the public to see????Damn the crooked msm— they are worthless. We really need this story to break in the daily news and investigated. Editors stop it because of wh national security? Come on msm speak up!! Grow a pair of you know what! Keep it up birther report— I can see the end finally coming. Obama is going to fall!! ; ) happy birthday mr. President—- why in the world are we negotiating the budget with this phony?? Especially when he is the cause of it all!! }#%%|\\~>*^<

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